20 December 2017 Andrés Agudo Martínez

Paintings in oil: Antonio Ramírez de Arellano

About the Exhibition

This exhibition represents the enhancement of the work of a 77-year-old novel painter with self-taught pictorial training. His work is based mainly on non-figurative drawings, using colored pencils and oil painting.

The artistic concerns of the author led him to participate in some shared exhibitions with an open theme in the 80s, with paintings dedicated mostly to urban landscapes. It was at the beginning of the 90s when his pictorial activity intensifies the introspective exploration of the sphere of his affections and emotions, enhancing sensitivity and producing works in which the interpretative character on the realist usually stands out. For professional reasons, he had to paralyze his artistic production, which would not resume until the end of 2014, the year after which his production has intensified, producing more than 90 different works of different themes, among which landscapes tend to predominate, the bullfighting scenes, and especially the portraits.

The design proposal of the exhibition project aims to expose 22 paintings painted in oil, based mostly on portraits of protagonists of the university environment, accompanied by some of scenes related to the family environment of the author, is framed in a framework of common illusion that supposes for the artist, motivation and recognition, for his pictorial baggage and for the production of new works.

Seville, to November of 2017

Signed Andrés Agudo Martínez

Curator of the exhibition