10 April 2014 Vídeo y texto: Andrés Agudo Martínez

The University of Seville is completing the work of the University Library and Antonio Machado Núñez

Miguel Gonzalez Vilchez Martinez and Andres Agudo , architects Cabinet Component Architecture of the University of Sevilla present us his speech for the new University Library Rector Antonio Machado and Nuñez , located on the Avenida de la Guardia Civil s / n , together with the flags of Brazil and Mexico, in the city of Seville.

In a linear plot located in the Parque de María Luisa, a building subject to generate a new access to the Park , which transforms this constraint inherent in an attractive building features . With its implementation, the Library and its landscaping , regenerate and expand the green mass of the Park and enhance multiple interrelationships among university halls Brazil and Mexico , the Park , and the urban fabric of the city.

The large container of former University funds is shown as a solid and linear volume that fits the plot and breaks halfway between the park and the street, transforming its opacity transparency and luminosity by a large space double height , where the building is built . This duality Front permeable and open to the landscape and dull skin perimeter shapes the building with stone, brick and glass, and ordered spaces of different character : more character and continued into the park and quieter and secondary on the back facade.

The building is on 3 main levels of simple and austere manner , starting from the aforementioned core area of ​​double height, gradually organizing and managing subtly brightness and set the number of users , which decreases as the plants are accessed above .