3 July 2015 Trinidad Cantillana

La Niña Planta. Murals for architecture

Various are the jobs that architects must go, this is a case of an architect who is winning with the drawings on walls and other items.

“The girl plant created in response to the crisis conditions in the current architecture and to a creative personal need. During the years of work in various architectural firms, was directing my attention toward more open and creative aspects, understanding the Currently the disciplines of photography and illustration.

I departed from the demand for architectural photographs in the studio where I was and I was opening myself to many other subjects such as fashion, reports of events, concerts, etc.

However, in the scope of drawing, it comes against a need to decorate, mainly focused on the child’s world indoors. The drawings are made either directly on the wall, and on paper or canvas.

These works, besides being focused on the children’s world as mentioned above, also have focused on other issues, in the case of paintings, the abstract and in the case of the drawings to the creation of sheets on various topics “.