14 January 2014 TvArquitectura

Scales of fees for architects 2014

The first regulatory text of Architects ‘ fees in work of his profession in Spain dating from 1922. Changes in forms and ways of working , increased technical and legal complexity in architectural activity and development of urban development necessitated an update of the text . So with Royal Decree 2512/1977 of 17 June, the fee rates of the Architect profession works are approved.


These mandatory fees were in force until the adoption of the Law 7/ 1997 of 14 April on liberalization measures on soil and Professional Colleges . With this document fee scales went from being required to have a purely indicative .


Since the adoption of Law 25 /2009 of December 22, 2009 , is prohibited from professional associations and professional organizations create guiding scales or any other guidance , guideline , policy or rule on professional fees.


With this legal framework , the architects we are unprotected. From TvArquitectura understand that , for the same reasons that a minimum wage is adjusted , should be regulated Architects ‘ fees . This applies, for example, in Germany .

This document provides the fee rates applicable to the various tasks by the State Society of Real Estate Asset Management SA ( SEGIPSA ) , approved by the Ministry of Economy and Finance inthe resolution of 22 April 2008.

Document Fees Architects 2014