21 September 2016 Carlos García Garzón

Seville heritage is being lost. Convents of Seville

Angar Architects creates web ConventosdeSevilla, formed by a team of Sevillian determined to act urgently to keep alive the heritage of the city, with the sole intention of moving our culture to future generations.

Sevilla has spaces and works of great artistic and historical value and still today are unknown to the general public, this group aims to open the public part of these works of art hidden from the city. For Sevillian and tourists can admire the grandeur of one of the most spectacular cities in the world and create a new way of conservation of these properties.

The website has the aim of raising funds for the rehabilitation of Sevillian convents and other side:

Objectives of this site are:

Rehabilitation of the Sevillian Conventual Buildings
To value the Hidden Heritage Building
Create a pathway Self-Financing for the conservation of buildings
Communities of nuns maintain Insurance Buildings and salubrious
Discover hidden areas for Sevillian and Tourists
Convento Madre de Dios
The Mother of God Convent, located in San Jose de Sevilla, Seville convent is in need of restoration with more urgency. In addition, the construction companies that have gone through the convent have contributed to the poor state of the building, with the plundering of images and tiles of great value.


The chancel of the church of the convent Madre de Dios is closed with string, showing the dilapidated state of the existing coffered ceiling on the roofs of the old synagogue. The Dominican sisters have been forced to move the location of the Mass to another area of ​​the convent for the safety of parishioners.

The wall of the east facade is undergoing a horizontal displacement to the street San Jose, clearly visible in the cracks of the upper choir.

In addition, the plasterwork is coming off the magnificent main arch.

House Chaplain

This area is the brunt of the convent, it is shored up because of the deceptions of construction companies. Wood structures roofs wet due to leaks of the covers. This makes the wood rot and fall to the ground.

Bedroom Isabella

Any city would maintain the historical landmarks of special interest occurred on it to boost its tourism, but Seville seems unmoved by these aspects. The bedroom in which Isabella I of Castile lived when he visited the convent, could be a gem if it was restored, as currently its windows are boarded up to prevent theft and wooden ceilings now in the ground. This bedroom is a beautiful space, worthy of an intervention to recreate stays Isabella in the late fifteenth century.

The current situation of the convent is due to the Queen, as in 1496, gave the nuns a block of houses in front of the parish of St. Nicholas. These homes had been membership of the Jews. Also in the donation it included a synagogue that nuns became Christian oratory.

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