25 April 2016

Virtual Reality for Architectural Visualization

Study Architecture Study Barrera, stands in his career in research in the field of virtual reality. Being able to join the technological development in the area of ​​architectural visualization.
In the words of architect Javier Barrera:

"Virtual reality is no longer the future but the present. CG Artist and Architect, I have several years researching on my own on Virtual Reality, to apply this technology in the field of Architecture and Design. For me it has been a challenge, but I can say I'm one of the first architects to make and offer such jobs. I can make a customer "live" the project, that is, when I receive either request a particular private developer or company, would perform all phases of work as usual, but the difference is that this time the customer will not see the typical image or images that i want to see, but this customer will be virtually within the project and hyperrealistic live that experience, so that you can move and look wherever. I think it's very interesnate before building anything, you can see how it really design, space, light ..etc. However much I try to explain how this experience, I assure you it is impossible, because you have to prove it. From now on, all customers who made me a commission, whose value P.E.M. (Budget Execution Material) exceeds 300,000 €, will benefit from completely free and exclusive to this virtual experience, ie personally will perform the entire project content in 3D and I can show them the best device on the market, the HTC LIVES. I also do commissions Virtual Reality freelancers or companies, consisting of a package consisting of: - Minimum of 5 high resolution images (for signage or advertising) - Video of about 3 minutes. - Executable where the client moves freely. - File prepared for Virtual Reality systems: HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift "

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