2 October 2011

Problem: Feria de Sevilla

The Feria de Abril in Seville (Spain) is a world-renowned event, which has gone through various stages throughout its history, each with different functions.
Currently this event is a spectacle for the senses, as fair goers can taste the typical dishes in the booths, enjoy the most popular Spanish dance, recreated with “buggies”, dressed in flamenco dresses, … Thanks to all these features inherent in the April Fair, Seville welcomes tourists of all nationalities.
But behind all the wonders undisputed that has this celebration, there are major problems to be solved for the benefit of Seville and tourists, the purpose of this competition aims to solve the problems that are presented below:
1) Low number of booths
Different locations have been fair during his career, is currently being developed for 7 days in the district of Los Remedios. Although in recent years there have been proposals to move to areas with greater extension, the most realistic option is to keep it in its current location, due to the current economic situation. This consideration is posed by the current contest and not accept solutions that alter its location.
2) Leaving the fairgrounds for about 48 weeks of the year
Once dismantled the huts, the cover and attractions, the enclosure is delimited by a fence supplies, even one year after installation. All space is empty, without assigning a useful function for citizens and tourists.
3) Ability to monetize a site in a place of privilege.
The privileged situation and the global significance of the April Fair, possible to use the site throughout the year earning income to justify this action. This would eliminate the risk to children from neighboring areas, they can access and damaged some sharp metallic element. Since you can not trust the security of the area to a temporary fence work.
4) Airtightness of trade show booths for tourists.
Tourists inject a large amount of income in the city, but yet are matched privacy of most of the houses, forcing the eternal walk through the fairgrounds until exhaustion.

Tv holds first architecture competition for students of architecture and young architects in this location, in order to solve the problems outlined above.

Of all the topics proposed in this section, we will choose 2 annually, which will be the subject of competition for students of architecture and young architects, in order to show the potential and variety of solutions to the problems exposed.


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