Debido al convenio firmado con la Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla, este concurso ha sufrido una serie de modificaciones que mejorarán su desarrollo.  Por este motivo el concurso se paraliza temporalmente, avisaremos a todos los participantes cuando el concurso se  retome.

TvArquitectura organiza su primer concurso para estudiantes de arquitectura. Este concurso pretende ofrecer soluciones a problemas históricos de arquitectura y urbanismo, enquistados en las ciudades. El paso del tiempo no puede hacer que estos errores queden en el olvido, sin que nadie tome medidas para solucionarlos. Este concurso busca ayudar a los estudiantes de arquitectura, ofreciéndoles publicidad y mejora de su currículum profesional.

1 October 2011


Due to the agreement signed with the School of Architecture of Seville, this contest has suffered a series of modifications that will enhance their development. For this reason, temporarily paralyzes the contest, we will notify all participants when the contest is resumed.

The April Fair in Seville (Spain) is a world famous event, which has gone through various stages and locations throughout its history.
Currently this event is a feast for the senses. Thanks to this, the city of Seville receives tourists from all nationalities.
But behind all the indisputable virtues have this celebration, there are major problems to be solved for the benefit of Seville and tourists. The object of the contest is to solve the following aspects.

1) Insufficient number of booths
Expansion is possible by adding the area currently occupied by the “Elm Street”, which would add approximately 200 existing houses to meet the strong demand that have spent decades waiting to have their own space on campus. For this, the area’s attractions would move to occupy the whole of the plot of The gordales, bordering the avenue de Blas Infante and the Wall of Defense.

2) Leaving the fairgrounds for approximately 48 weeks of the year
Once cleared the stands, the front and attractions, the site is delineated with a fence provisions to mount the subsequent year. All space is empty, without assigning a useful function for citizens and tourists.
Proposals should ensure the use of the site the rest of the year (sports, concerts, etc..) As well as assembly and disassembly provide fast and efficient.

3) Ability to monetize a site in a privileged
The privileged situation and the global significance of the April Fair, possible to use the site throughout the year earning revenue to justify this action. Thus, the proposals must ensure economic investment to make (rental of sports facilities, etc.).

4) sealing the trade show booths for tourists
Tourists inject a lot of revenue in the city, but yet they are matched with the privacy of most houses, forcing them to eternal walk the fairgrounds until exhaustion.
Thus, a good number of houses planned for the extension should be public. There is also the possibility of maintaining a small area of ​​public houses throughout the year, and can operate as bars, etc.