16 March 2012 TvArquitectura

Recover the professional dignity

Problem submitted by an user of TvArquitectura:

“Some time ago that architects complain about the lack of jobs and have little respect for our profession by certain groups (…).
However, we must look at ourselves to see that we have much to do in the degradation of our profession. I say this because while seeking for jobs in a known site, I found that an engineer is looking for an architect who signs complete projects made by the engineer,  paying him visa costs and an extra (…). The worst of this situation is not the professional intrusion but the fact that there was 36 person interested in the offer.
Where is the professional dignity? ”

The architectural profession is going through a really hard time, as you may see when looking for a job as an architect.

The architect who is looking for a job must have a CV with at leat:

- Knowledge of at least 10 software, or more …
- Very large experience
- Leadership
- Good communication skills
- Full availability

In short, you need a “Super-Architect”, but of course, wages “will be negotiated” with the candidate …

But the worst does not stop there. A spanish architecture studio offers internships with these features:

“The placements are limited to 10 finalists and recent graduates. National and International. 380 € / month, minimum 3 mo and up to 9months (free choice). Registration € 180. To reserve a place of practice is required the prepayment of tuition. Trainees are provided:
1. Own website.
2. Appointment to appear at a place of work in an architectural firm nationally or internationally.
3. Recommendation letter.
4. Diploma completion of the internship.
5. Specialization Certificate in Urban Projects ”

Watching this scene in Spain, it is possible that someone decides to try his luck in another country. Well, this is the email response from an architectural firm located in Northern Europe, with a job application, sent by a user of TvArquitectura:

“According to our financial situation we are unfortunately not able to pay our interns.
Our interns usually finance their stay by scholarships, EU-fundings or student loans.
Please let me know If this sounds interesting to you. ”

We now understand that the current situation is due to known problems, such as public tenders with offers of low fees, the intrusion of work, procurement preassigned, illegal construction, …. but more so, architects, we are digging our own grave.

Together we can save our profession. We are still on time. Soon it will be too late.