20 October 2011

Problem: False Self

The figure represents the False Self dependent self-employed, enlisted in the Special Regime for Autonomous Workers (RETA) and the company that has a dependency relationship does not establish its high in Social Security.
This illegal practice has a great advantage to the company as they do not have to pay contributions nor the obligation to pay compensation if the contract establishes an agreed order. In addition, the worker must pay membership dues.

Problem submitted by a user of TvArquitectura:
"The difficulty of hiring an architect in recent years has led to the situation of starting a job as a draftsman in a study in which we pay a minimum wage, giving us high in social security. This type of work, brings the problems of low employment and unemployment assistance, among others.

It could be a difficult subject, because while we set aside no unfair competition "if you do not do it for the misery that you will pay and other" can not solve. We should be a little more human and respectful to various colleagues.

It is amazing how in other jobs, some professionals are friendly and will extend the contract for 5-10 days for them to meet the minimum to receive the subsidy and dragging us while to get a salary or fees or do not give us to cover the minimum expenses. "

Send us your ideas and possible solutions to this problem.