30 November 2011 Alfonso Gómez-Feria Ponce. Fotografías: José Luis Filpo Cabana / Luis García (Zaqarbal)

Eleuterio Población. In memóriam

On November 17 died in Madrid renowned architect Eleuterio Población Knappe. Born in Huelva in 1938, “Población” developed his career from Madrid, where he was trained as an architect and professor at the ETSAM.

Academic of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of St. Elizabeth of Hungary since 2004, Medal of the City of Huelva to the Architecture and Urbanism in 2009 and a jury member of Prince of Asturias Prize, the architect produced hundreds of projects throughout Spain.

Among his most notable works include Beatrice and Eurobuilding buildings I and II in Madrid, the Auditorio de la Cartuja in Seville, the building Caravel Santa Maria in Huelva Plaza del Punto and Hotel Meliá Don Pepe in Marbella.

In the words of Ricardo Aroca Hernández-Ros, in his article published in El País on 22 November: “He has made countless admirers and friends, in addition to fine buildings, many of which are part of the heritage of Madrid, which are milestones recognized”.