9 January 2013 TvArquitectura /

Bill for Professional Services

We imagine that many of you are familiar with the Draft Law on Professional Services prepared by the Ministry of Economy. On page 13 of that document states “exclusive reservation is deleted activity. Works to project and manage residential, cultural, or religious teachers, architects and engineers with expertise in construction.”

In practice, this would mean the disappearance of the architectural profession, and also as we all know is being terribly hit by the crisis. Currently in Spain there are 48,780 registered architects compared to about 400,000 engineers, which would be the only “benefit” (but not too much given the number of projects approved in recent years).

From our point of view, allow an architect engineer would be similar exercise to facilitate an ophthalmologist working as a gynecologist or backwards. Some engineers are trained to the level of structures, foundations, facilities and construction, but few, if any, they receive comprehensive training in all these areas. Just as engineers are not trained in architecture, understood as more than simply building or planning.

In conclusion, we encourage you to show your displeasure and indignation with the document to the ministry to reconsider its decision.