25 May 2012 TvArquitectura

Want to work outside?

Because of, among other factors, the economic situation is going through Spain and the amount of new housing that are closed, many spanish architects have no choice but to seek work outside our borders.

Once the decision is made, is recommended to think the strategy to increase the chances of success before boarding the plane, as it is a fundamental act in the professional development of the architect.

Le Corbusier, with 20 years traveled to Paris, where he found work at the office of Auguste Perret, the French pioneer of reinforced concrete. He later studied architecture in Vienna, Josef Hoffmann and with 23 years worked near Berlin for the renowned architect Peter Behrens. These experiences would be influential throughout his career, as can be seen in his magnificent works.

In the works of Rafael Moneo, one can clearly see the influence gained from their experiences in Denmark and Italy.

The choice of destination should not be decided upon lightly, and professional aspects should take precedence over other less important.

To increase the chances of success, we think that some aspects may be helpful:

1) Locate the job before making the trip.

If you take the first plane and go to the “adventure”, you can assume to have a deadline for finding a good job. In other case, you will return empty-handed.

Since many web sites, are offered jobs in architectural studies abroad. So it may be a good first step before deciding on a destination at random.

The most important links are the following job offers are updated regularly:

International: http://www.ribaappointments.com/

United States: http://archinect.com/jobs

Central Europe: http://www.world-architects.com/en/jobs

2) Prior training

Language is a very important, but not less than the management of most used tools in the country.

Normally in each country use the same type of CAD software, design, calculation, etc. Manage the tools that the job demands, increases the chances of success.

3) Do not lose hope

As with everything else in life, we must be consistent and not lose motivation, because the search can go on for many months.

I hope we could help you.

Good luck.