12 September 2013

Japan New Stadium, home of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Tokyo 2020

The recent selection of Tokyo to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the 2020 Rugby World Cup in 2019, confirm the construction of the new National Stadium in Japan designed by Zara Hadid Architects.
The New National Stadium, near Shinjuku (Tokyo), includes capacity for 80,000 spectators and a retractable roof, the seats are adjustable and move closer to the pitch in football and rugby. The design of this building gives Tokyo a lasting legacy beyond the 2020 Olympics.

In November 2012, Zara Hadid Architects won the international competition of the New Stadium. Tadao Ando, chairman of the selection committee, said: “dynamic and futuristic design that represents the messages that Japan wants to convey to the world,” adding, “I think this stadium will become a sanctuary for the sports world in the next 100 years “