24 November 2013 Carlos García Garzón

The Government approves the minimum fees for energy certification

On 19 November, the government published the minimum rates applicable to work on energy and energy audit certification of real estate.

These rates are applicable for the State Society of Real Estate Asset Management , SA ( SEGIPSA ) , this being a public entity state society . So these rates are mandatorily applicable from November 20, 2013 , for all work that is entrusted to him SEGIPSA , by the Central Government .

The rates for the energy certificate are:















Access to publication in the BOE

This news comes as a godsend to a profession punished , since there are no official reference for the calculation of rates for professional jobs . This helplessness is more intense since the passage of Law 25 /2009 ( Omnibus Act ) , which was banned from professional associations and professional organizations to establish a guide scales or any other guidance , guideline , policy or rule on professional fees.

In Spain , since 1922 have been developed and supplemented by various regulatory provisions texts fees of architects in their work profession. Later the text was expanded and changed significantly in the now repealed Royal Decree 2512/1977 of 17 June, that the fee rates of the Architect profession works are approved. The new forms and methods of work of the Architect required the approval of the Royal Decree in the year 1977, and a reference meant to defend the users and customers.

With the recent entry standards for energy efficiency and DR 265/2013 for the certification of the building , and updates known as Technical Building Code , which require you to have an energy calificacón A or B , by March 2014 , the architect of the year 2,013 no resemblance to the year 1977 .

It would be entirely logical and necessary a new legal framework to re- collect fees Professional fees for the general interest.

We hope that in the near future they can reach the minimum rates published for all professional jobs , as in neighboring countries.