31 January 2012

Short Film Competition. K2c Arquitectas

Short Contest na cidade 2.0 tripomant

The first competition of shorts na cidade tripomant took place in the year

2011 as a complement to the film series organized by K2C CineCidade
architects. The contest was sponsored by the insulation company tripomant
(Padreiro, SL) and with the cooperation of the delegation of Santiago of the College of
Architects of Galicia (COAG)

With the same crew (K2C architects, tripomant and delegation of Santiago del COAG)
presented this year’s contest na cidade 2.0 tripomant short, with the
claim to continue work in different ways of living in the contemporary city


The aim is the selection of a short in the count is an urban experience, which can be
documentary, fiction or animation, to develop a maximum of 10 minutes and in which
also go some way reflected the company tripomant (products, features,
use, …)
shorts that are selected and / or winners must meet two objectives: to show
an urban experience and the emergence of tripomant

the environment in which the action unfolds and it must be urban in the plot either in the
audio or images to appear reflected the company tripomant

Deadline for the jury’s verdict
September 21, 2012

Three prizes will be awarded:
tripomant first prize – 1500 euro
second prize tripomant – 1000 euros
Public prize – 500 euros
The winning short will debut at Santiago de Compostela during the week of 1 to 5
October 2012
A selection of non-winning shorts that fit the bases (topic, duration, presence
urban tripomant presence) will debut with the award-winning short

Will take place in Santiago de Compostela during the week from 1 to October 5, 2012 the day
presented to the public the winning short meeting with a selection of non-winning short

More information www.tripomantnacidade.com