The House of Fascim. Giuseppe Terragni

The Casa del Fascio is a building located in Como, northern Italy, a work of Italian rationalist architect Giuseppe Terragni.
Started in 1932 and completed in 1936 under the regime of Benito Mussolini, this municipal administration building was originally constructed with a primary view of functioning as an elegant “set piece” for mass Fascist rallies. Conceptualized as a classical palazzo centered on a glass atrium, it was frescoed with abstract paintings (since destroyed) by the artist Mario Radice and the original project boasted an innovative changing facade illumination. It is cited as a regional manifestation of the International Style of architecture.
The building housed the local headquarters of the Guardia di Finanza police force from 1955 to 1999. Currently it houses the historical museum of the Guardia di Finanza 6th legion.