7 September 2012 Redacción y fotografía: Buildtonet

First Online Marketplace Building

Buildtonet is the first online marketplace sector that provides a platform for developers to contact with emerging architecture professionals.

From Buildtonet believe in the proven expertise and production capacity acquired by firms from developed countries in recent years of great development, especially in types such as social housing, facilities, infrastructure, hospitals, schools, … to export this know-how to other developing countries, with deficit of infrastructure and equipment and strong growth in the sector.

The objective is to professionalize the sector, balance supply and demand worldwide and especially generate business.

Buildtonet has the function of commercial agent, obtaining private projects for different professionals to compete nationally / internationally to acquire new customers / orders.

We viewed by professionals the opportunity to access a national contests bag / International and become part of a directory of profiles where they can publish their work and connect with the best professionals.

We know how difficult it is for an office internationalization. The investment is very high and very long term. Buildtonet eliminates the costs of internationalization of the different studies / professional offices allowing compete internationally by tendering platform in large projects.

For developers Buildtonet represents a platform to effectively and efficiently develop their projects.

Buildtonet allows you to contact the best people for your project just publishing the announcement of the contest. Buildtonet does the rest, with the information generated by the contest sponsor Buildtonet. The system generates competitive contest between contestants, this competition drives innovation, cost reduction, quality improvement, ultimately improving the product. Best of all, is that this service is free to the promoter and the winning architect will pay a percentage based on the success rate.