1 June 2012

Contest winner OAM I TvArquitectura Built Construction

The Office of Architecture in Malaga (OAM), with his “Access and the slope landscape rehabilitation of the Citadel and Roman Theatre in Malaga” was the winner of the contest I TvArquitectura Built Construction, with 786 votes. As a reward TvArquitectura, architectural record this with the most important works that have made these videos will be placed in the “monographs” of this website.

The second place went to the UNIA-Architects study, with 509 votes, with the “New Headquarters Public Employment Service in Seville.”

Third place for LPTR Ekainj + Architects, with 202 votes, the “Town Hall Allín Valley in Navarre.”

Fourth place for Javier Monge Fernández, Sara Gutierrez and Antonio Alvarez Armensto-Cienfuegos Rubio, with 87 votes, “Interpretation Centre in Benalup, Casas Viejas, Cadiz.”

Fifth place for Juan Pedro Donaire Barbero, with 33 votes, City of Culture in Almonte, Huelva.

From TvArquitectura want to thank all the contestants in this first competition and all participants have voted their favorite project. The competition has been designed as a tool for access to contemporary architecture for all audiences, we are proud that this has finally been done. Thank you all.