19 November 2012 TvArquitectura / Frank Williams

Mercury-City Tower in Russia, the tallest building in Europe

The fight to reach the highest point is still alive, on November 17th-Mercury City Tower in Russia, complete construction and reaches 338.80 meters, exceeding 80 centimeters at The Shard building located in London.

Mercury-City Building was built by Dutch architect Erick van Egeraat, although the design of the building has its origin in the American architect Frank Williams, who died in February 2010 before he could complete the project.

The building is located in the Moscow-City business district, located on the third ring of the city, 5 kilometers from the Kremlin. The purpose of this zone is to create the first bag business in Russia, and in all of Eastern Europe, that will combine business activity, living space and entertainment. It will be a city within a city. The project was conceived by the Moscow government in 1992.

The building will host the Mercury-City residential, offices, garages, shops and restaurants.