1 October 2012 HCP

HCP contest winner winning master plan project in Russia

On June 29, 2012, HCP along with studying Russian MGPM are winners of the competition for the best architectural and urban proposal of the new sector of Nizhny Novgorod

Project data:
• Total area: 833 hectares
• Approx. 10,000 homes
• The people that are expected in the new town are approx. 35,000
• The houses will be 50% apartments in low-rise buildings (ground floor + 2 height max.), 30% are terraced plots of 300 m2, 20% are detached houses (villas) of plots from 800 m2 to 1500 m2
• the new city will be self-sufficient, include university football stadium and sports, business and administrative area, four star hotel, auditorium, church, hospital and shopping center. A part of the services of each neighborhood and district as a market, schools, nurseries and health centers.
• The investment budget of about 2000 million euros.

HCP is implanted in Malaga architectural firm in Year 1995. It operates in the area of ​​the province and is slowly growing and extending its work by the Spanish geography, with projects built in Cadiz, Granada, Cordoba, Almeria, Madrid, Ávila, Valladolid, etc.

This experience is transferred to other countries, especially developing a unique activity in the Persian Gulf, which concludes with the official opening in Manama, capital of the Kingdom of Baharein. Also, signed collaboration agreements with various local technical offices in various countries such as Morocco, Cape Verde, Algeria, Romania, Ecuador, England, Russia …
This international experience, forged during the good economic times that our country development in the years 2004-2007 allowed us to establish ourselves in the international arena with extensive experience in the development of major architectural and engineering projects that although at first they were responsible by Spanish developers, have gradually turned into work with local developers or internationally.

Currently, they are developing and studying projects in the following countries:
South America: Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia.
Africa: Cape Verde, Nigeria, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Rwanda, Angola, Sudan and Senegal.
Asia: Baharein, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Iraq.
Europe: Spain, Albania, Romania and Russia.

Other projects HCP
• Turtle Beach Resort – Sal Island Cape Verde (340 unidads hotel between villas, apartments and rooms) opened in May 2011 – operated by Meliá
• Dunas Beach Resort – Sal Island Cape Verde (1200 units between hotel accommodation villas, apartments and rooms) under construction
• Duran – new city to the outside of the Ecuadorian city Guayaquil. 6,000,000 m2 for 42,000 homes – under construction
• The Durrat Marina Yacht Club, under construction in Bahrain
• The service appartments of Durrat Marina Bahrain-under construction
• Park Avenu shopping Centre in the city of Cairo in Egypt – 120,000 m2 – under construction
• 680 social housing Extremoz, Brazil – under construction
• Shopping and entertainment with the rehabilitation of the old bridge Abul Ela Bridge on the River Nile – Cairo Egypt