24 November 2014 Andrés Agudo

Complete works of Lecture Medical / Nursing in Sevilla

Light, bricks and austerity

The implementation of building in the old helipad Virgen del Rocio Hospital is a conversion of this space for educational use and fitting of a new piece in the current framework of buildings of the hospital grounds.

The new Aulario Medical / Nursing at the University of Sevilla meets the program requirements posed by the two powers, allowing adequately impart teaching in a hospital.

This is a unique construction, solid, prismatic, which opens onto a veranda aporticada, as a runner, invites into the building. The simplicity of the lines used, the brightness of the spaces, the skin of red brick, and austerity, structure the balance of the composition and the serenity conducive to building cross it.

Seville, November 2014