30 December 2013 Carlos García Garzón


The Foundation welcomes COAM until 4 January, an exhibition of 19 iconic buildings built with LEGO ®

More than 4,000 LEGO pieces used to allow visitors to take a tour of world architecture , with special attention to some of the most emblematic buildings of Madrid , the sample will be located at the headquarters of the College of Architects of Madrid and its Foundation ( LASEDE COAM ) , can be visited for free.
It will serve 12 buildings LEGO Architecture line that includes the Big Ben in London, the Empire State Building in New York, the Space Neddle Seattle , the White House in Washington , the Brandenburg Gate , Berlin , Sydney Opera House , Fallingwater ( the Fallingwater in Mill Run, Pennsylvania), the Farnsworth House , Plano (Illinois ), the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York and Khalifam Burj , Dubai. In addition , it will also feature two new buildings that have been added to the collection in 2013: the Tower of Pisa and the Headquarters of the United Nations.

Also, thanks to the collaboration of the Cultural Association of Amateur LEGO Building the exhibition also will feature five emblematic buildings of Madrid’s architectural scene including two different recreations of Torrespaña , the Picasso Tower, the Puerta de Alcalá and Hemeroscopium House of Antón García Abril and Ensamble Studio located in Las Rozas , Madrid. These jewels of architecture also join a ” mini” Greek Pantheon made ​​the smaller version that allows the scale. Symbolically , a recreation of Tourism Burgo de Orellana (Badajoz ), National Project Award for Hoteliers Tourist Establishments in 1974 , Manuel Coronado Briñas gift of one of the members of ALE is shown ! this architect.

The exhibition will be various workshops for children LEGO constructions and movies with LEGO film projections , as LEGO Star Wars. These activities are free admission to all seats . Programming is available in www.fundacioncoam.es . While children have fun with the various activities parents will be entertained with a drink in the food stalls and drink will be on display. For the development of the exhibition has also been sponsored by the Pearson and DK publishers , as well as children’s furniture company doodles .


Calendar of Exposure :
- L 23 , J 26 , V 27 , S 28 , L 30 , J 2 and S 4 from 12:00 to 20:00 h
- M 24 and M 31 December to 15:00 h

Headquarters COAM
c / Hortaleza, 63
Living Mercadal