24 March 2012 Ángel Luis TenderoÁngel Luis Tendero / Emebeeme

ALT Arquitectura. Rose Cimitirul


Luis Angel Tendero architect of a private cemetery in Romania.

According to its author: “Graveyard, Romania. When a loved one dies, all I think we should let him rest in a special place.
I’m planning a cemetery in a Romanian town on the border with Hungary. This beautiful city, with all the baroque splendor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, is especially nice for the exquisite use of flowers anywhere. Thinking about how to make the cemetery I visualized a huge white rose. Visible only by birds from the sky … An enormous mosaic tiles which would be the white tombstones. I leave a picture with a rose drawn by me in the plot (the plot is about 14,000 m2). Not usually an advocate of the literal, but in this case I would love to build a giant white rose …”