21 June 2013

27 and June 28. Exhibition of paintings by Luis Enrique Diez. Seville

Estudio 7Rv. Calle Siete Revueltas, 29. Sevilla.

Some notes from the author and acknowledgments

I was always interested, besides the architecture, the painting, some friends know, but I had long dealt with it. From the beginning, trying to incorporate elements that related work on with the destination that was addressed. We presented in this exhibition wants to be the basis for the more specific and personalized work. My challenge translates to implement in each work part of life, those memories and emotions of the people to whom it is addressed. Each of these memories on individuality, (each flower, heart, simplified form that evokes the warmth and generosity), come together to create a large garden of emotions in which an anonymous shelter the feelings of each of the parts.

This experience has given me the opportunity to reflect and express deep personal feelings.

I want to thank everyone for the interest you have shown and especially to my colleagues and Jose Luis Alvarez Osorio Captain Ignacio Carmona for the encouragement that I have expressed to revive this activity was numb but always present.


Captain Ignacio Carmona

Luis Enrique share with the office of architect, and together we have had opportunities to learn from each other since we met three years ago. Luis is
introverted, generous and jealous of their emotions, reason enough to justify, then, my ignorance on his artistic inclination. It was before your computer screen six months ago, I discovered, indiscreet, this aspect of his person and found the surprise as exciting as timid response: “……. nothing, I’m painting.” Nothing, I wondered, and immediately proposed exhibit. “…… I do for me,” he explained, and he, knowing me, and knew that morning would end up exposing all its “emotions”. This first exhibition, in our study, it was born as a chaste agreement between privacy and the need to communicate. The graphical tool uses not oblivious to his office, and serves for the encounter that becomes sincere act, as the view that resists our questioning eyes gaze,
printed on the mirror of the soul. “….. There is a lot of nothing and nothing much” seems answered in this world of emotions that Luis Enrique unfolds before our eyes. With minimal resources builds the universe of emotions floating in all his work. There is a desire to express lightness in color and compositional resource. “Desire”, born with the atmosphere that is created between the simple resources used: line color, texture, trace, collage. “Between” by magic flowing in their series, jumping between the different parts that compose it, breaking the limits of the format; aglutinándolas, dispersing, personalizing. Magic which transcends the box to become “affection” of the observer through platitudes. Minimal construct with maximum emotions … Just much of anything and
nothing much.